Top 4 Muvi OTT Alternatives for Video Streaming Business

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Video streaming has made an unmissable mark in ensuring dynamic user experiences. This is facilitated by its powerful real-time content delivery approach. Businesses can use options like Muvi OTT to build and launch their own OTT streaming services. 

Video Streaming Business

However, not all traits of Muvi OTT will be ideal for all types of businesses across scale, size, and industry verticals. Hence, you need to be aware of some good substitutes that can help you create a fully branded, fully-customizable streaming service. 

In this blog, we explain a bit about Muvi OTT. We also explore the top 4 Muvi OTT alternatives to help you build and manage a robust OTT platform.

Brief about Muvi OTT 

Muvi is a versatile platform that lets you stream live and on-demand content. If you want to take the show on the road, Muvi offers mobile and TV apps for easy streaming on any device. It also has a built-in video player. 

This means you can jump right in and enjoy your favorite content. It even caters to your budget. This means Muvi pricing is very flexible. It includes memberships and pay-per-view. 

Now that we know about Muvi, let us see shed light on the features - 

1.1- Enhance viewer engagement 

  • It offers screen-in-screen viewing. It also provides captions and playlist features. 
  • It offers analytics and mobile notifications. This can assist you with keeping your crowd glued. 

1.2- Monetize your content 

  • You can choose from flexible options like tiered memberships and freemium models.   
  • The platform also accepts payments easily. 

1.3- Powerful marketing tools 

  • The Muvi platform can help you drive sales with upsells and free trials. It can also assist you with targeting emails.   
  • You can even utilize it with Google Analytics to ease your promotion efforts.

1.4- Advanced features  

  • You can make a fully branded site and domain using a drag-and-drop builder with customizable templates.  
  • You can gain insights through video analytics. This can allow you to understand your audience and optimize their experience. 

Muvi equips you with everything you need to launch a successful streaming platform. That is why Muvi reviews are good. 

4 Best Muvi Options for Your Video Business 

Let us look at some of the Muvi alternatives- 

2.1- VPlayed 

VPlayed is a proper OTT platform that allows you to stream visuals across the web. It also offers complete branding freedom along with lifetime platform ownership. VPlayed's flexible pricing structure and multi-device support make it the top streaming platform. 


VPlayed is fully customizable from start to end. 

  • It permits you to use tools you already utilize with your platform’s dashboard. This can allow you to easily track activities and stay consistent throughout. 
  • It offers complete ownership and access to source code. 
  • It can help you boost your hidden revenue and build a proper income stream with 10+ monetization models. 
  • It also allows you to do cloud transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming. 


VPlayed's platform supports all popular revenue models like subscription and pay-per-view. It also supports premium VOD, SSAI, Push TV, and Catch-up TV. This can allow you to cater to many audiences and boost ROI. 

2.2- Vimeo 

Vimeo is a leading video hosting platform. It competes with various other top streaming platforms. It is mainly used by independent content creators and media personnel. However, the platform evolved in 2017 with its live-streaming feature and can accommodate large corporations.


  • The platform offers creators white-label video solutions. 
  • It provides an ad-free video streaming service. 
  • There are multiple monetization options for content creators. 
  • It also offers access to analytical data. This can help you evaluate the video performance.


Vimeo offers four service packages. They range from basic to enterprise. Basic is the free or trial version. It is mainly used by independent content creators. The other packages are available for those who want a custom streaming solution. 

2.3- Dacast 

Dacast provides a one-stop store for all the video l streaming needs. It offers both on-demand and live functionalities. Dacast also caters to a global audience. They have Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) that are properly placed around the world. This ensures your streams are delivered properly. 


  • You can enjoy playback with adaptive streaming that changes your Internet connection. 
  • You can stream content anywhere in the world due to its network of global Content Delivery Networks or CDNs. 
  • You can also opt for white-label streaming. This can help you to keep your brand identity. 
  • It allows you to stream with peace of mind, knowing that your content is protected by advanced security features. 


Dacast caters to your streaming needs with various options. They focus on offering the proper level of storage and bandwidth. There are three standard plans - starter, event, and scale. They each offer different resource levels. Dacast also creates custom plans to perfectly match your unique requirements. This flexibility means you pay money for the things you need. 

2.4- Uscreen 

Uscreen allows creators to take complete control of their video experience. It is an all-in-one platform that offers both live streaming and on-demand functionalities. This can give you the freedom to deliver content your way. 

Uscreen also lets you build your own branded website with customizable templates that reflect your unique style. Plus, it lets you easily livestream through your website or TV app. 


  • It allows you to live-stream and deliver on-demand content with robust features. 
  • You can craft a stunning landing page that reflects your vision using Uscreen's intuitive tools. 
  • The platform also integrates easily with marketing powerhouses. This can help you to reach your audience effectively. 
  • Uscreen offers a smooth onboarding process. This can allow you to concentrate on making good content. 


Uscreen offers a tiered structure of video streaming service packages like basic, growth, and enterprise. This ensures there is a good fit for any brand. Uscreen also does not forget about those just starting their live-streaming journey. It provides a cost-effective option.

 To conclude 

These were some of the top alternatives of Muvi. Muvi offers viewer engagement and marketing tools. This can help you get a good ROI. Many Muvi competitors have surfaced and considering any one of the Muvi alternative that has been mentioned above would be a wise decision

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