Is Fox now free with Amazon Prime?

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Amazon Prime is a streaming platform for movies, TV shows and Live Sports that meets viewers’ entertainment needs globally. With its command in the streaming industry, It has attracted millions of subscribers despite its relatively pricy subscription.

Fox now free with Amazon Prime

What Do You Get on Amazon Prime?

Here you can access drama series like Falling Water, The Girlfriend Experience, Halt and Catch Fire, The Marvelous Mrs. etc. which are only available there. Additionally, you will catch enjoyable shows like Mubi, Acorn TV, and Discovery ++ among others.

Fox, on the other hand, has been operating from the free-to-download Fox Now App, but the users have to subscribe to watch the wonderful lineup of shows, sports and movies. These products have made many streaming platforms eye Fox for collaborations.

What Does Fox Offer? 

Fox Network has many arms including Fox Nation, Fox Sports, TubiTV etc. that are known to stream the latest episodes of TV shows, Sports and movie series. To access these shows on the App, you need to pay a subscription.

You will have to choose a plan that meets your entertainment needs. However, not many will subscribe to the App for only limited shows. Thus, Fox joining Amazon has been long overdue. This allows you to consume content from various platforms.

It has got into a deal with Fox to stream its shows from the platform. But, Is Fox free with Amazon Prime? This article explains the details in black and white of what to expect from the package and discover whether Fox is free on this platform or not.

Has Fox joined Amazon Prime?

Fox is now available on the greatest streaming platform in the industry, Prime on Amazon. Fox is one of the greatest TV Broadcast Networks that allows TV providers to stream their shows for free. It comes with some limitations though; You can only access it for free if you are in the USA.

You can however, navigate this limitation if you are in the US and have a VPN. You can stream Fox TV through platforms like Hulu, Sling TV or YouTube TV. They offer a free trial which varies depending on platform guidelines.

How to Get Maximum Fox TV Benefits On Amazon Prime

A subscription to this now grants you access to Fox TV for free! However, you will need to pay for in-app downloads to access some of the shows offered by Fox. The great news is, that respective OTT platforms offer free trials so you can enjoy shows on Fox TV and decide whether to subscribe or not.

After the free trial is over, you need to subscribe to these OTT platforms to keep enjoying Fox Content. This could be a bit expensive since you also pay for a VPN subscription. Settling for a Prime subscription that comes with free Fox content could be a great choice.

Is Fox TV Free on Amazon Prime?

For the longest time, you could access Fox TV shows for free by downloading the free App. However, to watch movies, live Sports and live shows, you need an established live streaming platform. This explains why Fox TV is now embedded in Prime.

This means, your Prime Subscription grants you access to these prime shows. After the free login, you have to choose a plan depending on your watch needs. The only platform where you can stream Fox TV for free is TubiTV which is part of Fox Entertainment. It is only available in the US which limits many.

Based on the above details, Fox TV is only free on TubiTV. It, however, offers a limited number of shows from the Fox Broadcasting Network. If you access it through here, then you will have to subscribe to Prime to access some of the shows for free. Looking at the latter option, It provides a range of content in addition to hosting Fox TV which is a plus.

Looking at the bigger picture, Fox is not entirely free on Amazon Prime. However, some Fox shows are free on Prime Video. You can enjoy these shows with a Prime subscription. This works well if you are not looking for exclusive Fox TV shows.

For instance, to access Fox Sports, you will subscribe to here, then access Prime Video Channels as an add-on subscription. This is what it means to pay in-app subscriptions or integrate Hulu+ Live TV or FuboTV to Prime Video Channel


Is Integrating Fox in Amazon Prime Worthy?

Firstly, the Prime platform can do several things for the subscribers. This includes free shipping each time you shop on Amazon, free music, free games and Prime video streaming. The worthiness depends on the consumer’s ability to utilize all the services.

Despite the need to pay for in-app downloads to access Fox TV shows and sports, the services offered in there are cheaper if well utilized. You can watch anything on demand without worrying about paying delivery fees whenever you purchase above $25.

Whether the integration is worth it or not, is for the subscriber to scrutinize, judge, and then decide. Fox Now App, a pay TV platform, shut down 8 months ago. This left Fox TV fans with no better option than joining the Prime family on Amazon. However, Fox Sports, Tubi(free), Fox News and Fox Local(free) are still available.

Alternatively, you can stream your favorite Fox shows and sports through Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV or FuboTV subscriptions. All the platforms require some payment, go for what suits your budget and needs.


Some Fox shows, movies and sports are accessible on Amazon Prime Video. To enjoy the full package, pay for Prime then subscribe to in-app downloads. This depends on your need for the day/ season. Explore the shows in the free trial and cancel anytime if you are not convinced. Otherwise, choose from their monthly, yearly or two-year plans for maximum streaming services.

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